What is a UPC?

UPC stands for Universal Product Code. They are generated (in the USA by GS1) for the manufacturer of the item and are shared across all stores. This can be the same number as the one listed under the barcode; however, not all barcodes are created equal. This is especially true if your previous POS generated product listings for your custom items so you can create a barcode you can scan. The barcodes for your non-UPC items will no longer work after switching to Bindo.

Characteristics of a valid UPC

  1. Must have at least 12 digits (though sometimes 13 or as many as 18)
  2. Must contain numbers only (no letters or symbols)
  3. Must be provided by the manufacturer
  4. Must pass a UPC validation test (we do this automatically at Bindo, but if you'd like to check, you can try this one)

If your item does not meet the criteria above, you can enter it as a custom item. Once you have your item entered, you can create a new barcode through the Bindo App.