Report Product Info

To update information on an item with a UPC, you must Report Product Info.

Why can't I edit the title and the other product information for UPC items?
We understand it can be frustrating not be able to update your product information. However, every UPC item loaded into any store using Bindo gets added to (and updated from) a large product database that we maintain. To keep the information in the database accurate and clear for all our users, we require merchants to go through this approval process.

If you have a very large number of items that are showing up Untitled (that means it's not in our database yet), please call us at 1-800-My-Bindo (800-692-4636) and press Option 1. We'll come up with a solution that works for you!

Prefer to skip this function altogether and not use our centralized UPC database? Refer to the "Bypass the UPC Database" instructions below.

In the Inventory Screen, tap on the product you wish to edit.
Tap on the More Options Icon in the upper right-hand corner.
Tap on Report Product Info.
Enter the information you wish to update and tap Submit when finished. If a section does not need to be updated, you can leave it blank.

Bypass the UPC Database - Enter UPC Item Manually

Go to the Inventory Screen
Tap on the plus sign to create a new product
Tap "Enter info manuallyā€¯
Tap on the Secondary Barcode field, scan or type the Manufacturer UPC into this field and tap "Done".  
A pop up will tell you "You scanned a Manufacturer Barcode, would you like to create it as a new item?" Tap "NO" 
Proceed entering information on the product.  You will be able to enter information across all fields - no approval or report product info process required.