Bindo POS Learning Center

Welcome to Bindo

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Getting Started

Install and update Bindo, connect your hardware, and get started selling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find our FAQs about Features, Hardware, and Pricing answered here.

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Having some trouble? Check out these helpful articles.

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Network and Internet

Choosing internet service and our recommendations for setting up your network

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Setup and troubleshoot your printer, scanner, credit card reader, and cash drawer

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Create, edit, and manage the products in your store

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Back Office

Customer and Associate Management, Reporting, Credit Card Processing

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Advanced Features

Become a Bindo Jedi Master! Learn about Loyalty, Discounts, Add-ons, and more.

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Inventory added? Now it's time to ring up your customers in style!

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Bindo POS Web Dashboard

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Storefront & Ecommerce

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