Purchase Orders

The Purchase Orders screen is where you enter, edit and review information about your purchase orders.  For information on how to create an audit trail around purchase order receipts please review the  Warehouse Management article.

You will see several types of fulfillment statuses on purchase orders:

  • Created: The purchase order is ready to submit, or can be edited prior to submitting.
  • Submitted: The purchase order has been placed and sent to the Supplier.
  • Partially Fulfilled: Some products, not all, on purchase order have been received into the store.
  • Fulfilled: The purchase order has been received into to the store; this will add the items in this purchase order to your inventory.
  • Cancelled: The purchase order was created and then cancelled.

In addition to fulfillment status, there are optional fields that you may use to track information around payments and delivery of purchase orders.

  • Payment Status: Unpaid, Partial Paid, or Paid
  • Payment Method: Bank Transfer, Cash, Check, Credit Card, Debit Card, or Other.
  • Expected Delivery Date: Enter the date that you expect to receive delivery of the goods.
  • Payment Due: Enter the date that payment is due.  If the current date is past the payment due date the order will be tagged as "Overdue".

Create or Edit a Purchase Order

Use the search bar to filter your list of purchase orders.
Press the + button to create a new purchase order or tap ••• to edit an existing purchase order.

Overview Tab

Edit and view the following fields for your purchase order:

  • Supplier
  • PO #
  • Created at
  • Created by
  • Status
  • Payment Status
  • Payment Method
  • Expected Delivery Date
  • Payment Due
  • Products included in your purchase order
  • Remarks

Photo Tab

You can add and view photos of documents associated with a purchase order.

When editing a purchase order, tap the + button on the Photo tab to Take or Choose a Photo to save with your purchase order.

To delete the photo, edit your purchase order and tap on the Photo tab. Then press the red trash can icon in the upper left-hand corner of the photo.

Additional Purchase Order Functionality: Bindo Dashboard

In addition to creating, editing, and fulfilling purchase orders from the Bindo Dashboard there is added functionality available around purchase orders.  

  • Purchase Order Overview: You may view and export an overview of all past purchase orders, and filter them by Order Number, Supplier Name, Date Range, or Status.  To add a filter click on the "Search" button, then click "+ Add Filter" and select the relevant filters from the dropdown menu.  Use the checkboxes on the left side of the page to select purchase orders and click on an Export button at the bottom of the page export the overview as a XLS, CSV or PDF file.  

  • Import Purchase Order: If you prefer to import a CSV file to create purchase orders you may do so on the Import Purchase Order Page.  Navigate to this page by clicking on the "Import Order" button at the bottom of the Purchase Order Overview page.  Download the CSV Purchase Order template and enter item information as shown in the below sample. Note that the product must exist in the store (name you enter on the spreadsheet must match exactly as displayed in your store), and the UPC must be saved a "number" format (not in scientific notation). Select a supplier from the dropdown menu, and upload your CSV file by clicking on the "Choose File" button. Complete the import by clicking on the "Import Now" button.

  • Export PDF of Individual Order: To download PDF copy of an individual purchase order navigate to that purchase order by clicking on the arrow on the right-hand side of the Purchase Order Overview page and clicking "View".  Click on the "Download PDF" button to download a PDF copy of the purchase order.