Multi-Store Chain Configuration

If you have multiple stores you have the option to connect them and share data across locations using the Bindo chain functionality. In order to set up your chain please contact When setting up your chain you have the ability to share certain types of data. For example you may share customer data so that a customer profile created in Store A is also visible in Store B. You may also prefer to keep your customer profiles separate from one store to another. That is possible as well, and doing so does not prevent you from sharing other types of data across the chain.

Inventory Sharing

  • ON: 
    • Item Creation: When a new inventory listing is added to one of the chain store members, a new listing (with 0 quantity on hand) will be added to all other chain members.
    • Inventory Visibility: For each item in a chain inventory quantities are visible for across all chain store members on the item's "S/L" (Stock Level) tab.
    • Stock Transfer: In order to complete stock transfers inventory sharing must be turned on. 
    • Item Deletion: An inventory item cannot be deleted unless the user deleting that item has manager access in all of the chain store members.  If a user who has the necessary permission deletes the item, that item will be deleted across all stores in the chani.
  • OFF: Inventory is not shared between stores.

Department Visibility

  • ON: Chain store members can share inventory departments or sub-departments.
  • OFF: Chain store members will each have their own department structure.

Supplier Visibility

  • ON: Chain store members share supplier data and may share suppliers for purchase orders.
  • OFF: Supplier data is not shared among chain store members.

Discount/Promotion Visibility

  • ON: Discounts are visible and can be used by all chain members.
  • OFF: Each store must create and manage their own discounts/promotions.  Discounts are not shared across stores.

Modifier Visibility

  • ON: Modifiers are visible to all chain members.
  • OFF: Modifiers must be created for each store.

Customer & Gift Card Visibility

  • ON: Customer profiles are visible to all chain store members. Store credit and gift cards can also be used at all chain store members.
  • OFF: No customer sharing between store members.  Store credit and gift cards must be used at the store in which they were issued.

Tax Option Visibility

  • ON: Tax options are visible to all chain members.
  • OFF: No tax option sharing between stores.

Loyalty Program

  • ON: Loyalty program settings are shared across all chain store members.  Loyalty points can be earned with a purchase at any location.
  • OFF: Loyalty options will be independent. Points are earned based on each store's individual loyalty program. The loyalty program could be different for different stores. 

Register Shortcut Synchronization

  • ON: Register shortcut buttons are synchronized for all chain store members.
  • OFF: Register shortcuts can be customized for each chain store member.

Order & Transaction Visibility

  • ON: Each store's sales history screen will show the sales for that particular store, but if a user scans the barcode of an order from a different store, he/she will be able to pull up that order information.
  • OFF: Each store may view their own sales history only.  Users may not access other stores' orders. 

Refund to Different Location

  • ON: Refunds may be completed in any chain store member, irrespective of where the original sale took place.  In order for this function to be turned on you must also have "Order & Transaction Visibility" turned on.
  • OFF: Products can only be returned at the store in which they were sold.