Before Bindo, Part I - Initial iPad Setup

Congratulations on receiving your brand new iPad! If you've never used an iPad before, it may be a little intimidating... this guide should help you get your iPad out of the box and operational in no time.

If you plan on using Bindo on an iPad you've already set up, you can move on to Part II.

When you power on your iPad for the very first time, it should look like this:

Follow along with these steps as you set up your iPad, and you'll be good to go!

Slide to begin and choose your Language, then your Country.
Find and select your store's WiFi network and enter the password.
Choose Enable Location Services, then Set Up as New iPad.
If your store already has an Apple ID (see below), you can  Sign In. Otherwise, choose Create a Free Apple ID and follow the steps to create one.
  • We strongly recommend using an Apple ID created specifically for your store, as opposed to any personal Apple IDs you may have. You don't want your personal text messages showing up on the register!
  • Your store's Apple ID should be linked to an e-mail address that you'd be comfortable letting any employee have access to. If you don't have one, you can get a free iCloud e-mail address during the Apple ID creation process.
  • The Apple ID and password should be easily accessible to employees in case of emergency. If someone ever needs to delete and re-install Bindo, they'll need that information.
  • Your store's Apple ID can be used for multiple iPads - no need to make one for each register.
Agree to the iPad Terms and Conditions.
iCloud is not necessary for using Bindo, so it's up to you whether or not you'd like to use it. (If you're not technologically savvy and/or the thought of making that choice by yourself is stressful, you should probably choose Don't Use iCloud.)
When prompted to create a passcode, choose Don't Use Passcode at the bottom of the screen, then choose Continue when asked if you're sure.
While it doesn't really matter what you choose, we recommend you Don't Use Siri. She's cool and all, but sometimes she can get in the way of troubleshooting issues.
Choose Automatically Send for Diagnostics and Share with App Developers for App Analytics. Doing so helps us make Bindo better!
That's it! Once you've finished your iPad's initial setup, your next move is to  optimize your iPad's Settings for use with Bindo. See you in Part II!