Applying Discounts at Check Out

There are various different ways to discount a sale from the register screen:

  • You can discount individual items.
  • You can discount the entire sale.
  • You can also create a simple new discount.
  • You can apply multiple discounts.

Discounts can be added automatically (they must be set up to auto-apply to be added automatically) or manually.  Auto-applying discounts must be set up from the Discounts Page as explained here.

Add a Discount to a Single Item

Click on the item you wish to discount to access the menu.
Tap on Discount.
Tap on the type of discount - % or $.
Select one or more discounts, and tap anywhere outside the menu when you are done.
Note: You may remove discounts from an individual item by following the steps above, simply uncheck the selected discounts in Step 4 to do so.

Add a Discount to the Entire Sale

Tap the .
Select either % Discount or $ Discount
Select one or more discounts, and tap anywhere outside the menu when you are done.

Using Membership, Customer or VIP Discounts

VIP Customers, Employees, or Friends & Family might be eligible for a discount on every purchase that they make in your store.  Apply a discount to a customer, a group of customers, or a "Membership Level" either from the Customers Screen or by creating an Advanced Discount and that discount can be applied to every sale on which the customer is added.  If set to automatically apply the discount will apply as soon as you add any customer with a "VIP Discount".  

Discount Code

If you've associated a Discount Code with your Discount you canScan the barcode on the register screen to apply a specific discount.  You may add a Discount Code to a Regular Discount or an Advanced Discount, but not a Mix & Match Discount.

Confirm a Discount has Been Added

You can confirm that a discount has been added to an item or sale by viewing the transaction on the right-hand side of the Register screen.  The discount will show as a line item below each product for which it applies, as well as a line item showing the total discount applied for the sale.  This is displayed in the example below on one out of two items on the sale.