Add a Customer to a Sale

Use this feature to track purchases for a customer and track their loyalty.

Pro Tip!
We suggest adding a customer to a sale before you begin adding items to a receipt, as there is currently no way to add a customer to the receipt once the transaction has been processed.

Go to the register page and tap on the blue silhouette in the upper right-hand corner.
There are multiple options within the customer pop-up window that appears.  You may:
1. Tap on the orange "+" to add a new customer to your store's database
2. Tap on a customer's name to add them to a sale.  To find a specific customer record scroll with your finger or use the search bar.  Searches can be performed using various fields including customer name, customer phone number, customer email address, or the Notes section within a customer profile.  
3. Tap on the blue arrow to the right of a customer name to view the customer snapshot (the can subsequently be added to a sale form their snapshot).

If you selected option 3 - the customer overview screen will appear. Tap the green Select button to add the selected customer to the receipt.
Once a customer is select their name will appear on the sale.  Tap on the garbage can icon to remove the customer from the sale.

Once you tap on the Charge button the Payment screen will appear.  If the customer that you've associated with the sale has a Store Credit on their account or a Credit Card on file you will see additional payment buttons on the payment screen.