Bindo Customer Loyalty Program

The Bindo Customer Loyalty Program is a flexible, multi-tier loyalty feature for tracking customer spending and rewards.

The Bindo Loyalty Program has the following parameters:

  • Method
  • Point Qualification
  • Reward


  • Number of orders/visits - For example, you can earn 1 point for each order of $10 or above.
  • Number of Products - For example, you can earn 1 point for each bottle wine over $10.
  • Total Spent - For example, a customer could earn 1 point for every $1 spent.

Bindo will automatically track the points rewarded for each sale. Currently, we do not do any adjustments for refunds or exchanges.

Note: Once a method has been selected it can not be changed.

Point Qualification

As a merchant, you may have multiple departments. The Bindo Loyalty Program allows you to set the number of points rewarded for purchases in each department. Every item must be in a department to be tracked in the loyalty program.

Example - Tracking Method: Order

For example, you can offer 1 point per $20 purchase in any department. Alternatively, you can offer 1 point for every $10 purchase in the Accessories department and 1 point for every $20 purchase in the Grooming department. As long as one of the requirements is fulfilled, the customer will earn 1 point, but no more than 1 point per order. (If you want to extend more than 1 point per order, you'll need to choose “Product” as the tracking method.

Example - Tracking Method: Product

In this example, you can offer 1 point for products of $20 or more in the Fish department and 1 point for products of $50 or more for the Dog department. If a customer purchases 3 fish ($100, $1 and $1) and a dog product for $70; the customer will get 2 points – 1 point for the $100 fish and 1 point for the $70 dog product.

Example - Tracking Method: Total Spent

In this example, you can offer 1 point for every $20 spent in the Dog and Cat departments and 1 point for every $50 spent in the Grooming department. If a customer spends $45 in Dog and $60 in Grooming, they’ll earn 3 points. If they spend $19.99 in Cat and $49.99 in Grooming, they earn 0 points. If they spend $10 in Dog and $10 in Cat, they'll earn 1 point. (Because the Dog and Cat departments reward stamps at the same Total Spent amount, they are aggregated.)

Reward Tiers

The Bindo Loyalty Program supports "tiers." You may offer reward A for 8 stamps, reward B for 12 stamps and reward C for 15 stamps. You may have as many tiers as you wish.

Currently the only reward you can offer is Store Credit.


  1. Where are the points tracked?
    The points are tracked in Bindo and are visible on the customer's profile.
  2. Will the customer's points show up on receipts?
    Yes, there's a line item for rewards on the receipt.
  3. What does the Bindo customer loyalty program cost? Any additional cost (cards, etc)?
    The customer loyalty program is included in most Bindo plans at no extra charge.  Check with your point of contact at Bindo to confirm whether it's included in your plan.  Bindo's loyalty program does not require a card - we have found that customers don't want to carry more cards.
  4. Can a customer 'buy' points for someone else?
    No, a customer may buy store credit for someone else, but not loyalty points.
  5. How does my customer redeem points?
    Click here for instructions.