Multi-Currency Payments

You may accept multiple currencies at checkout.  In order to accept multiple currencies you must first set up your currencies with a specific exchange rate.  Currently Bindo does not automatically define or update exchange rates for you.  You may manage and update your currencies and exchange rates from the Bindo Dashboard.  

Currently the multi-currency feature must be activated by Bindo POS support first before you can use it.  Please contact us via email at or via in-app chat to enable this feature in your store.

Set Up Currencies and Exchange Rates

1. Click on "Currencies" under Bindo Dashboard > Settings

2. Click "Edit"

3. Select a currency from the "Other Currency" dropdown menu.  

4. Enter the value relative to 1 unit of your current default currency.  If your default currency is US Dollar and you are adding Canadian Dollar as a second currency, the value should be the amount of Canadian Dollars in 1 US Dollar.

5. Enter an "Index" value to prioritize the order in which your alternate currencies appear.

6. Click Save

Please note that if you just completed the set up steps above, you may have to refresh your store to see this change take affect.

Once you've set up additional currencies in your store you can either check the order amount that would be due in another currency, or take payment in another currency.  

Exchange Rate Inquiry

You can use the Exchange Rate Inquiry feature to check how much would be due in another currency while on the register screen.  To do this tap on the blue $ icon 

at the top right corner of your register screen.  You will see a list of currencies that are set up in your store and the corresponding order total that would be due in those currencies.

Receive Payment in Another Currency

To receive payment in another currency tap on the "Select Currency" button on the right side of the payment screen.  Confirm the amount due for the alternate currency and tap on the currency to confirm that you want to use it.  The cash buttons at the top of the screen will now represent payment in this alternate currency.  The change amount that displays is an amount that is converted back to your default currency.


Reports in Bindo will show all multi-currency sales as "Cash" payments.