Store Refresh

If you've been in contact with Bindo POS Support you may have been told that you should "Refresh" your store. 

In Bindo POS Version 5:

  • Tap on the store name at the bottom left corner of the menu
  • Tap on the store image in the "Select Store" pop up

In Bindo POS Version 4 and earlier: 

Refreshing your store downloads the latest information that is available for your store onto your iPad app.  Since Bindo POS has offline mode, sometimes the data that exists on your app and the data that exists in our cloud server is not an exact match.  Refreshing your store will ensure that the settings and data that you are accessing on your device are the most up to date ones.  You should not have to do this on a regular basis but it is ok to do so if you think something seems like it has not updated on your Bindo POS app.

After you tap the refresh button your screen display a series of loading steps as displayed below.  The amount of time that it takes to complete these steps varies depending on the amount of data that is associated with your store (or chain).