End of Day Activities

End of Day is the process of reconciling your sales records at the end of a shift or business day. In Bindo End of Day activities can be done with or without  Cash Management enabled. 

Note: If Cash Management is not enabled please skip to Performing End of Day with the Sales Summary Report in this article.

If Cash Management is Enabled 

First, close register shifts by tapping the cash management button found at the top of the screen, then tap Close Shift.

After tapping Close Shift, a prompt should appear asking for the cash drawer count. Enter the counted amount, then tap Next.

When the Final Adjustment prompt appears, enter the amount that should be removed from the cash drawer then tap Done.

Once the shift has been closed, go to Register Shifts by tapping on the Menu button, then tap the More Options button at the top right of the screen. Print the Register Shifts Report to the receipt printer or export it as a spreadsheet file.

Note: The Shift Report reflects data for specific shifts.

Performing End of Day with the Sales Summary Report 

Go to the Sale Summary Report by tapping on the Menu button, then Reports.

When the Sale Summary Report is open, exit the Daily Closing Snapshot, then tap the Export button on the top right corner of the screen. Print to the receipt printer or email a spreadsheet file of the report.

When balancing out payments collected for the day, be sure to pay attention to Payment By Tender and Refund By Tender.

To calculate total revenue, subtract tenders listed under Refund By Tender from its corresponding tenders under Payment By Tender.

All Register Shift Reports exported for the day can be used to check the accuracy of cash collected.