Transitioning Gift Cards to Bindo

If you're switching to Bindo from another system and you have outstanding gift cards you can still use them in Bindo.  In order to transition your outstanding gift card we simply need a file containing Gift Card numbers and outstanding balances.  Since Bindo will not recognize the magnetic strip of the gift cards from your previous system the values are added into the customer database and can be retrieved using the gift card number from your old system.  This article explains how to look up and redeem value from an existing gift card.

  • If value on the card is less than total purchase being made then cashier should add the gift card "customer" to the sale, pay with the associated credit, and then charge the remaining balance to another type of tender.
  • If the value on the card is greater than the total, the cashier can either leave the balance on the gift card record in the system or issue a new gift card (requires that you order new gift cards).  In either case the cashier should still add the gift card "customer" to the sale.  If issuing a new gift card then they should use the whole gift card balance to purchase a new gift card.  Then in a separate transaction the cashier can ring up the sale, pay with the new gift card, and return the new gift card to customer.