Bindo Features FAQ

Does Bindo provide accounting functionality?
Bindo is not an accounting program, but you may export any report from Bindo in spreadsheet format. We also offer an Accounting Report which creates your daily journal entries for any period of time you choose. These entries may be entered into any accounting application.
Can we migrate customer history from my existing POS?
Yes, we can migrate customer history. In general, if you can export it from your current system, we can import it into Bindo.
I already have an online store. Will Bindo integrate with our e-commerce platform?
Yes. Depending on your platform, this may require custom development work.
Does Bindo save my customers' email addresses for use with email services such as Mailchimp and Constant Contact?
Since Bindo is cloud-based, how long is my data accessible?
Your data never goes away. You may run reports and access your data for any time period, for as long as you’re a Bindo customer. Report date ranges are fully customizable for any time period.