Setting Up Your Store's Wifi Network

Having reliable high-speed internet service and a secure, high-quality wifi network in your store are key components to having a great experience with Bindo. Here are some tips for setting up your store's wifi network.

  1. Do not use public wifi or the wi-fi network of a 3rd party
    Reliable internet service is critical to the smooth operation of Bindo. Public internet services often dynamically block certain traffic and are therefore unfit for use with Bindo. 3rd party internet services, such as wifi from the store next to yours, are equally unreliable and your use of someone else's internet likely violates their terms of service. Use a wi-fi network and internet service that you control and is in use only for Bindo. 
  2. Purchase a quality wi-fi router
    With wi-fi routers, you get what you pay for. The wi-fi router that came from your internet service provider or a cheap wi-fi router designed for home use is probably not robust enough for your store.

    We recommend the Apple Airport Extreme router. It's robust, reliable and be can configured directly from your iPad using Apple's free AirPort Utility app.

    Note for Time Warner customers: If Time Warner is your internet service provider, be aware that there are known issues with the Time Warner Ubee modem/router. You must use a separate wi-fi router if you have a Ubee modem/router from Time Warner.
  3. Do not use a hub or a switch in place of a router
    Bindo requires the receipt printer (which plugs into your router) to have a unique IP address. If you use a hub or a switch designed to share a single IP with multiple devices, you will experience issues with printing receipts and opening the cash drawer. 
  4. Use as few routers as possible
    Plug your wi-fi router directly into the modem from your internet service provider. Chaining routers together will lead to degraded performance and unpredictable behavior on your network.
  5. Keep your wi-fi router up-to-date
    Make sure your router has the latest firmware available.

    If you're using the Apple Airport Extreme, opening the AirPort Utility will notify you when there are updates available for your router.

    If you're using another router, check the manufacturer's website for firmware updates.