Commission, Sales Performance and Split Sales

Bindo allows you to track and report on what a specific salesperson sells, which can be used for commission payment calculation or to track performance of your sales associates.  While you may use the features outlined here for commission payment calculation, Bindo does not currently track commission percentages.  

Basic Configuration

If you would like to track your sales associate performance in Bindo first make sure that your settings are configured to track sales by associate.  To do this go to Bindo Settings > Add-ons on the Bindo Register app.  Tap on the three blue dots at the top right corner, tap Edit and scroll down to locate the setting called "Track sales by associate"

If the box for this setting is not already checked, check it, and also check the box to "Automatically attribute line-item to cashier" (unless you want to manually assign line-items to a salesperson at the time of sale).

Now when you ring up a sale, whichever user is logged in will automatically be associated with the sale.  You can verify that this is working correctly by adding an item to a sale at the register screen, you should see a sales associate name listed on each sales line item.

Split Sales or Change Sales Associate

Splitting a sale and changing a sales associate involve the same steps at the register and will both be discussed here.  If you have a sale where multiple sales associates should earn credit you can use the split sales feature.  A sale can be split on an order level (a whole order split among multiple sales associates) or a line item level (a single item split among multiple sales associates).  You may also assign 100% of an order or line item to a new sales associate, and in this scenario you would be changing the associate completely instead of splitting the sale.  In all of these scenarios the split sales screen will show at the register, but if you're just changing an associate then there will be a single person earning 100% credit for the sale. 

To  make a change on an order level tap on the shopping bag icon at the top of the register sale view., then tap on the "Sale Associate" line in the "Edit Sales" pop up (as shown below).  The same steps can be taken to make a change on a line item level, but instead of tapping on the shopping bag icon, tap on the line item itself.

Next, tap on each associate that should earn credit for the sale.  Choose from one to many associates - each one you choose can be assigned a percentage or dollar amount portion of the sale (if you choose one associate then you will be assigning 100% of the order / line-item to that person).  To choose an associate tap on their name and a blue check mark will appear next to it.  In the image below three associates have been chosen.  When you're done tap "Confirm" at the top right corner of the "Associates" box.

When you arrive at the next screen the sale will be split evenly by percentage by default.  To change the split percentage tap on the box next to a person's name.  For example if Jane Smith should earn 40% of the below sale instead of the default 33.33% then I can manually update the percentage in the box next to Jane Smith to reflect 40%.  The amounts in the other boxes will automatically update so that the sum of the split percentages still equals 100%. The sale may also be split by dollar amount.  The process is the same for splitting by dollar amount, simply tap on the word "Amount" in the Split breakdown view to toggle to split by amount.


Various reports include information that will allow you to track performance and calculates sales volumes of individual sales associates. 

  • Sales Performance Summary Report: Provides a summary of sales totals for all sales associates in your store.  This report includes total number of sales, total sales volume, total discounts, and more for all associates in a given time period.  No individual order level detail is included.
  • Sales Performance Report: Provides line item level detail for all sales associates in your store.  This report includes individual products sold, individual discounts applied, and more line item level detail including the sales associate on each line item.  
  • Product Sold Breakdown Report: This report provides similar data as the Sales Performance Report with some additional columns of data for further detail.  This report includes the sales associate for each product and can be used as an alternative report to track sales performance.