Customer Importer - Bindo Dashboard

You may import customers directly into Bindo using the Bindo Dashboard importer. The following instructions provide additional information regarding the importer, but if you need assistance importing your customer list please do not hesitate to contact the Bindo Support Team.

To import your customers, please follow the steps

Click Customers
Click Import Customer
Click Sample CSV (Simple)

Open Customer Import Template

You can access the downloaded spreadsheet in the browser, or by going to the downloads folder on your computer.

Add Customers to Importer Template

If you're adding customers to Bindo, make sure to put “add” in all the cells under the action column that have customers' information. If you already have a spreadsheet with your customer information, copy and paste that information to its respective cells/columns on the customer importer template.

Save Import

After completing the template save as a .csv file.

Submit Import

If the Import Customer pop up is not already open, click on Customer, then Import Customer. Finally, click Choose File, then select the import you saved then, click Submit.

The import process will begin. A pop up will notify you when the import has been completed and if it has been successful.