Bindo POS + Constant Contact Integration

Bindo's integration with Constant Contact allows you to connect your Bindo CRM with Constant Contact email marketing.  The integration checks your Bindo store hourly for updates to customers.  Whether a new customer is created, or a change is made to an existing one that update will be reflected on Constant Contact automatically (applies only to customers with an email address).  The integration currently allows for a connection with a single Constant Contact list and it does not support removal of subscribers from that list.

Steps to Set up the Integration

Authorize Bindo to access your Constant Contact account. To do this log intro your Constant Contact account utilizing this link.  When prompted confirm that you would like to "Allow" for Bindo POS to access/update your Constant Contact account.
Select a Mailing List from the dropdown that appears and click Submit.  New customers added into Bindo will be subscribed to the list that you select.  You may currently select a single list on Constant Contact.

Bindo Support will be notified that you've connected your Constant Contact account, and an initial sync will be processed.  This will check all current customers in your Bindo store and subscribe them to the list that you picked above.  This process will not create duplicate subscribers or re-subscribe customers that have previously unsubscribed.

That's it - your Bindo store is now connected with your Constant Contact account! New customers in Bindo will automatically be added to your Constant Contact list.  The integration currently supports syncing of Email Address, First Name, and Last Name.