Menu Shortcuts Set Up

Setting Up Your Shortcuts

On the Menu Set Up page there are three levels which represent Sections, Subsections, and Products.

These are shown and edited on the left hand side of the page.  You can tell which one you're looking at by checking the word at the bottom left corner of the screen.  It will either say "Sections", "Subsections", or "Items"

When you're on the area you want to edit tap on the pencil icon at the bottom right corner, then tap on the name (for Sections / Subsections) you want to edit, enter the new name and tap Save.  Or for products tap on the + sign at the bottom of the screen and tap Inventory to add a new item to the menu.  You can select multiple items simultaneously.

So if you want to add or edit a section title, make sure you're on the Sections page before you tap the pencil

The following video explains the basic steps involved in setting up your menu shortcut buttons in Bindo.  Additional menu set up options are explained below.  

Shortcut Display Options

You have the ability to manage when and why your shortcut section displays on your register.  Options include the ability to show menu during a specific date range, specific day(s) of the week, specific hours of the day, in a specific channel, or for specific customers (based on Membership Level) only.  You can define these settings individually per section.  This allows you to create a section that shows on Saturday and Sunday only, or a section that shows only after 5 PM.

When creating or editing menu sections you can use three fields to manage display timing.  The first field pertains to the date range: set this as "Anytime" to show on all dates, or set a start and end date.  The second field pertains to the day of the week: set this for all days to display at all times, or select specific weekdays.  The third field pertains to the time of the day: set this for all day to display at all hours, or select a specific start and end time.  The fourth is Channel which is applicable if you are using this menu for a kiosk or online interface.  The last is Membership Level which allows you to display this menu only for specific customers (based on the customer membership level).

Shortcut Layout Options

Bindo has 3 Layout options for shortcuts: 6 x 5, 5 x 4, and a Menu Sub-Category Shortcut Display. You can toggle between a 6 x 5 and a 5 x 4 layout display in the Menu Setup screen by tapping on the switch found at the bottom.

6 x 5 Layout

The above layout option allows for 6 buttons across and 5 buttons down (if all products are placed in a single subsection). 

5 x 4 Layout

The above layout option allows for 5 buttons across and 4 buttons down (if all products are placed in a single subsection).

Menu Sub-Category Shortcut Display

The Menu Sub-Category Shortcut Display is a distinct layout which can be enabled under Bindo Settings > Add-Ons by checking the "Menu Sub-category button display" option.