Setting up Your AirPort Router with AirPort Utility

AirPort Utility is an app that allows you to configure an AirPort wireless network.

If you're using an Airport wifi router in your store, we recommend setting that router to "DHCP and NAT" mode, rather than "Bridge" mode. Here's how:

  1. Install the AirPort Utility app on your iPad
  2. Open Airport Utility, tap on the AirPort router, then tap Edit
  3. Tap on Advanced 
  4. Tap on DHCP and NAT
  5. Tap on Router Mode

    Note: If the Router Mode is already set to DHCP and NAT you can stop here. Your router is set up correctly.
  6. Tap on DHCP and NAT
  7. Then tap < DHCP and NAT to navigate back and tap Done until you're back at the home screen
  8. Once the router has restarted, power cycle your iPad and printers to make sure they pick up the new settings