Modifier Sets

You can add an option set to an item or group of items that will modify a product. You can choose to have this add to the price, deduct from the price, or keep the price the same.  For example for a sandwich a customer can choose to remove lettuce (which doesn’t change the price), add cheese (adds $1.00) or remove bacon (deducts $1.00). 

Create a Modifier Set in the iPad App

  1. Open the sidebar and tap Modifier Sets.1 Modifier sets menu
  2. Tap the + to create a new modifier set.
  3. Give the set a name (for example, Cheese or Toppings)
  4. Check "Add" if the modifier is an Add-On or "Deduct" if the modifier is a deduction
  5. Tap on the Option section to start adding options.  An Option can be a non-inventory item or an item that already exists in your inventory (and thus tracked when sold).  To create a modifier option that is a non-inventory item simply type out the name of the item under the "OPTION" heading.  To create a modifier option that is an inventory item tap on the blue arrow to the right hand side of the line under the "OPTION" heading and then select the relevant item from your inventory list.  
  6. Once you've defined all of your options, set the number of options the customer must choose (can be 0) and the max number they are allowed choose (can be unlimited, indicated by a dash).  For a hamburger, the doneness level is an example of something that should likely have "Choose At Least" equal to 1 and "Choose Up To" also equal to 1, since each diner must indicate a doneness level and cannot have more than one level.  If you were to add a cheese modifier to your hamburger you might set "Choose At Least" to 0, since not all diners will want cheese, and then "Choose Up To" at 1, 2, 3 or unlimited, depending on the number of cheese types that a diner may add to their hamburger.
  7. For each modifier option you may define a Change in Price.  If this is an "Add" modifier the change in price must be $0.00 or positive, and if it is a "Deduct" modifier the change price must be $0.00 or negative.  The Change in Price default is $0.00 meaning that when the modifier option is added/deducted the item price will not change.  To set up a modifier with a standard price option, tap on the line under "CHANGE IN PRICE" and tap "Fixed Pricing". You also have the option to set a modifier option as having "Variable Pricing" meaning that the price will be entered at checkout.
  8. In the below image "Option 1" is set up with "Variable Pricing", so no price shows and when that modifier option is selected the cashier will be prompted to enter a price.  "Option 2" is set up with "Fixed Pricing" and will add $0.75 to the base item price.  Lastly "Option 3" is also set up with "Fixed Pricing" but set at $0.00 so when it is added it will not impact the price of the order.  

  9. If any options should be set as Default options (automatically selected when the base item is added to a sale) check the "Default' box next the item, as shown for "Option 3" in the image
  10. The last step is to confirm the modifier set options which are as follows:
    1. Unlimited qty: As stated on the screen if you select this then "Duplicated options will be counted as multiple options".  This means that if you have an overall modifier limit in place ("Choose Up To") then if this option is left unchecked two or three of a single modifier option will count towards that limit.  For example with a Cheese modifier for a hamburger if I set a limit of up to two cheeses (CHOOSE UP TO: 2) and check this option then I would be allowed to add 2 x Swiss Cheese, and 2 x American Cheese (+$2.00), but if I tried to add a third type of cheese then I will see an alert and be prevented from doing so.  However if this option is unchecked and I attempt to build the same order (Add 2 x Swiss Cheese first), I will see an alert when attempting to add the first American Cheese.  In the first scenario the multiple quantities of each type of cheese are not counted towards the option limit, but in the second scenario they are.
    2. Auto popup modifier: This is selected by default.  If you uncheck this the modifier menu will not show automatically when applicable items are added to a sale.
    3. Available in order level: Check this to allow this modifier to be applied for all items in an order.
    4. Allow to change options: Check this box to allow the modifier to be changed after the order is saved.  You may choose to uncheck this if you are submitting orders to a kitchen and do not wish to allow modifier adjustments after the order is sent to the kitchen.
  11. Choose a department and/or products for which you want this to apply in the "APPLY TO" section.
  12. Tap Save.

Set the Order of Modifiers

You may set the order in which modifiers appear for a product on the Modifer Sets page in the Bindo app.  For example in the image below the "Add-ons" modifier appears first on the left side list, above "Combo Meal" and "Bread".

To adjust so that "Bread" appears first go to the Modifier Sets page and tap "Edit" in the top left corner of the page.

To move a modifier up or down tap on the three grey lines that appear and drag the modifier up or down in the list.

Selling an Item with Modifiers

If you check the “Auto popup modifier” box in the Modifier Sets menu, when the item is selected on the register page, the modifier popup will appear.

When the modifier pop-up appears you will see a group of modifier prefixes allowing you to choose common prefixes for modifiers.  The default options for the modifier prefixes are: “Add”, “Less”, “More”, “Change”, “With”, “No”, and “Side” (See example in image below).  You can use these to indicate customer specified preferences for an order.  For example a sandwich may have “Honey Mustard” as an existing modifier option.  The customer may order the sandwich with Honey Mustard on the side.  The modifier prefix allows the user to easily enter this information by tapping on the word “Side” before tapping on the “Honey Mustard” modifier. 

Tap on the relevant modifier option to select it, and you will see the box become outlined once selected, along with a quantity indicator ("American" x1 in the image below).  Additional modifier sets for this item will show on the left hand side of the modifier pop-up menu.  Tap Done in the top right hand corner when complete to add the item with modifiers to the receipt.

Modifiers will display on the ticket in the right hand side menu, as well as print on the customer receipt and the kitchen slip, if you are using kitchen printing.

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