Star TSP650II BTi Receipt Printer

Follow these instructions to connect the Star TSP650II BTi receipt printer to Bindo.

  1. Press the iPad’s home button to return to the home screen, then open the Settings app (the icon looks like a silver gear)
  2. On the left hand side, tap Bluetooth
  3. On the back of your receipt printer, hold down the red ‘PAIR’ button until the indicator light begins to flash.
  4. On the iPad, tap the device named ‘Star Micronics’ to pair the device to your iPad. You’ll know you’ve done this correctly when the device shows the word “Connected” on the right hand side.
    • If you get error “Cannot Connect to Device”, try holding down the pair button for longer – 30 seconds should definitely do the trick
    • If all else fails, use a pin or pencil to hold down the ‘RESET’ button until the indicator light changes color, then let go, and go back to Step 3.
  5. In the Bindo app open the sidebar by tapping the three orange bars in the upper left, then go to Settings, then Hardware, then Receipt Printer.
  6. You should see “Star Micronics” in the list of available receipt printers.
  7. Tap the three blue dots on the right side of the screen, and choose “Connect”

That’s it! If everything was done correctly, you should be connected to your bluetooth receipt printer.