Preparing Your Store

Before you begin setting up iPads and hooking up receipt printers, the first step to transition to Bindo is preparing your current inventory, customer, and/or supplier data for migration to the Bindo system.

  • If you’re transitioning from another POS software, you should be able to export this information to spreadsheets.
  • If your store is brand new or if you prefer, you’re more than welcome to add things yourself through the app or the Bindo Dashboard.

Once you’ve exported your data, it’s important to clean it up before sending it to us so only the relevant items get migrated. Inventory that you no longer carry, customers you haven’t seen in years, and suppliers you no longer order from can all go - a fresh start is the best start!

Ultimately, your data must be formatted to match our template. Not using our template may result in delays. Read here for best practices and to download the templates:

Importing Data into Bindo POS

While every store is different, this initial step should take no more than  10 days – please let us know if you’ll need more time to export, clean, and format your data. Once you have provided us with a spreadsheet that has clean data in our template, please allow 2-3 additional business days for the information to be loaded into your store.