Recommended Apps

The following apps are used by our support team to help troubleshoot various hardware related to Bindo. It's not necessary to download all of these apps now, but doing so couldn't hurt, and may help to resolve issues faster.
  • Mobile Speed Test by Ookla - Used to test the speed of your network's connection to the internet.
  • NOTE: The results of the above test do not account for your router's performance or capability. If you are experiencing issues syncing or connecting to your hardware and a speed test returns strong speeds, it is an indicator that your router may be the cause of the problem.
  • AirPort Utility - Used with Apple AirPort routers.
  • ScannerSettings - Used with Socket Mobile CHS 7 barcode scanner for advanced configuration and settings.
  • Socket Mobile Companion - Used with Socket Mobile barcode scanners to setup and reset scanners. 
  • ID TECH iMag Reader Pro - Used with iMag Pro and iMag Pro II credit card readers for warranty purposes.
  • Brother iPrint&Label - Used with Brother QL-720nw label printers.
  • - Used for training sessions. Not recommended if you only have one iPad, as we encourage those learning to follow along with the training in the Bindo app