Bindo Version 4.24.4 Release Notes

New Features

  • Custom Payment Buttons: Add custom/other payment type buttons to the main payment page.  To do this enable the option “Display as shortcut in payment screen” under Settings > Payments > Payment Type
  • Decimal inventory: Allows you to sell partial units and track partial inventory, with up to four decimal places.  This works automatically with weight based inventory as long as you enable the setting “Allow decimal inventory quantity” on your Add-Ons page.  We also now support the ability to scan price embedded barcodes for weight based items.  See more information about weight based inventory and tracking partial inventory units here:
  • Option added to prevent sale of sold out items (quantity less than or equal to zero)
  • Option added to view current product quantity in the shortcut menu
  • Combo Item: Sell a product that consists of multiple SKUs from your inventory.
  • New Filter: Price filter on register and inventory page - filter to find items equal to, greater than, less than, within a certain range or set as variable price using the new price filter
  • Delivery Notes / Good Received Notes
  • Invoice Template: Create a fully customized invoice using HTML and CSS
  • Customer Code: Bindo now supports the ability to scan a barcode or swipe a card to add a customer to a sale.  Supported when you open the customer lookup screen.  This means that you have the ability to offer barcoded customer loyalty cards
  • Stock Transfer on iPad: Manage stock transfers within your iPad on the new “Stock Transfer” page (applies for only for stores set up as a chain).  This function was previously available only on the Bindo Dashboard

Improvements / Fixes

  • Show Tax in Price Total on Printed Receipt
  • Removed “N/A” from sales page
  • Added Timestamp back to sales page

Bindo POS Restaurant / QSR:

  • Modifier Prefix: Allows you to quickly choose common prefixes for modifiers.  The default options for the Modifier Prefixes are: “Add”, “Less”, “More”, “Change”, “With”, “No”, and “Side”.  You can use these to indicate customer specified preferences for an order.  For example a sandwich may have “Honey Mustard” as an existing modifier option.  The customer may order the sandwich with Honey Mustard on the side.  The modifier prefix allows the employee to easily enter this information by tapping on the word “Side” before tapping on the “Honey Mustard” modifier. 
  • Change Product Name at Checkout: “Overwrite Name” checkbox on inventory page allows product name to be changed at checkout.
  • Split Check functionality
  • Kitchen Alias for alternate menu item names with kitchen printing
  • Automatically add a service charge to all dine-in orders
  • Added option to show item price on kitchen slips
  • Added option to apply modifiers on an order level
  • Added “Day End” functionality to check for unpaid tabs


  • Added “Advanced Settings” on Settings page for multi-terminal configuration
  • +/- buttons added to the matrix screen
  • “Send App Log to Bindo” option