Using Deposits

The deposit feature allows you to pre-sell products or services.  When you sell a deposit you are issuing a credit towards the future purchase of products or services, and you have the option to include an expiration date.

To Sell a Deposit

  1. Tap on the blue $ icon next to the "Charge" button.
  2. Scroll down in the pop-up window and tap "Purchase Deposit".
  3. Enter Deposit details including Title, Amount, and Expiration Date (if applicable) and tap "Done"
  4. Best practice is to add a customer to the purchase to ensure proper deposit tracking.  Adding a customer is not required but it is recommended.  To add a customer tap on the blue customer icon in the top right corner, and select the relevant customer.
  5. Complete the sale.  The Deposit is now available for use on future purchases.

To Apply a Deposit

  1. Tap on the blue $ icon next to the "Charge" button (see image in step 1 above).
  2. Scroll down in the pop-up window and tap "Apply Deposit".
  3. A list of your active deposits will show under the "Active Deposits" tab.  Expired Deposits will appear under the Expired Deposits tab.  Use the search bar to search for a specific deposit, or tap on the blue arrow in the right hand side of the search bar to filter by customer.
  4. Tap on a single or multiple deposits to apply the desposit(s) to the purchase.  
  5. Add the products/services to the purchase and complete the purchase.  
Note: A deposit cannot be used across multiple transactions. For example if you apply a $50.00 deposit on a purchase for a product that is $30.00 there is a balance remaining of $20.00. This balance will not remain on the deposit, as all deposits are designed to be single use.  In this example you would end up with a sale for -$20.00.  If you did not wish to issue a refund to the customer, then you should add products/services worth $20.00 to this transaction so that the sale amount is $0.00. 

Deposits in Reports

Deposits are similar to Store Credit in that they can be used as a credit towards a purchase, however they are distinct from Store Credit in that they are not an actual method of Payment Tender.  Deposits do not show as a payment method in your reports, instead the payment method for a deposit is the method of payment that was used when the deposit was sold.

There are two reports specific to Deposits:

  1. The "Deposit Credit Report" shows a list of all deposits including relevant deposit details.
  2. The "Reservation and Deposit Report" is specific to restaurants.  This report shows a list of reservations for which customers have purchased a deposit.